How To Go About Pairing A Skirt With A Purple Turtleneck


    Have you bought a new purple turtleneck after being amazed by its look online or in a store? If so, you may have got it home, tried it on, and then found it tricky to match a suitable skirt with it. The good news is that there’s a tried and tested method of finding skirts that complement this kind of top. 

    The key to nailing a great look lies in finding a skirt that goes great with a bold garment like this one. So stay with us as we look at how to choose the ideal skirt to go with your purple turtle top for a cohesive and complete look. Are you ready? So, let’s dive in!

    How to Set Your Purple Turtleneck Off With the Right Skirt 

    The first part of finding the right option involves thinking about the exact type of purple turtleneck you have. Are you dealing with a rich purple or something a little lighter? If it’s the latter, then you should go for a pastel-colored skirt for a nice, soft look, whereas if it’s the former, try a navy, grey or black option. 

    Once you’ve decided upon the right hue, think about the kind of fabric you want to go for. When you pair your turtleneck with a silk turtleneck, it’s best to contrast it with something smooth, like a leather skirt. On the other hand, a knitted turtle is going to look better with a soft or flowy chiffon garment. 

    Playing With a Flattering Cuts & Lengths 

    Another element that’s going to influence your choice is your skirt’s length and cut. Variations can help to flatter your body type, such as an A-line piece that also gives you something for casual occasions. Conversely, a pencil skirt will give you an aesthetic that’s better suited to a workplace outfit. If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, you could even shorten things up with a mini skirt. 

    Most often, with this kind of task, your best option is a neutral tone, however, not always. Sure, normally, it’s best to steer clear of bold colors with a bold purple top like this, but if you want to contrast it with a striking mustard yellow, it offers the perfect blend.

    There’s a Lot to Think About When Pairing With a Purple Turtleneck

    When deciding upon the right skirt to put together with a purple top like this, there’s a lot to think about if you want to get the right balance. The things that matter are a) what your top is made of, b) what kind of purple it is, c) the cut and length of the skirt, and d) what kind of event you’re wanting to attend. 

    Whether you’re aiming for an everyday, work, or very formal look, the right skirt can elevate your turtleneck into the stratosphere, accentuating its best parts and creating a complete look. Whatever you come up with, try to remember what we’ve discussed here and let out your individuality for all to see.