Understanding Houston Head on Collision Accidents


    Of the multitude of accidents that occur on roads in Houston each year, head-on collisions claim the most lives. These impacts between two oncoming vehicles at high combined speeds have devastating consequences for all those involved.

    Head-on crashes result in the highest fatality rates of any accident type in the United States. They accounted for over 10% of all traffic deaths in 2020, according to data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Survivors of head-on wrecks often face severe injuries, disabilities, and steep medical expenses.

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    What Causes Head on Collisions in Houston?

    There are myriad causes – all traceable back to reckless driving behaviors. These include:

    Distracted Driving

    It’s common to see motorists focused on their phones or onboard infotainment systems while driving. When attention is diverted away from the road, a vehicle will easily drift out of lane and into oncoming traffic. Before distracted drivers even realize what’s happening, it’s already too late unfortunately.

    Drunk Driving

    Operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol seriously inhibits coordination, reaction time, and ability to focus. Drivers who are over the legal limit have a slower response to dangers on the road. They misjudge distances between other cars and struggle to keep their own vehicle straight within the lane. Owing to slower reflexes, drunk drivers can easily drift into oncoming traffic.

    Aggressive Driving Behavior

    Impatient drivers will frequently try to pass slower moving vehicles in no passing zones. They misjudge the space needed to complete their unsafe maneuver. Aggressive drivers also underestimate the speed of oncoming traffic traveling in the opposite direction. Their poor calculations and risky behavior leads to sideswiping or head-on impacts.

    Excessive Speeding

    Higher rates of speed reduce drivers’ peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to process hazards. Speeding drivers cannot react in time to avoid suddenly stopped traffic ahead. Higher velocity crashes also cause significantly more damage and injury due to the laws of physics. The dangers of excessive speed especially get amplified on curved roads.

    Poor Weather Conditions

    Inclement weather such as heavy rain, dense fog, snowfall or icy roads greatly increase risks on the roadways. Visibility is reduced and vehicles lose traction and the ability to stop quickly. Hazard perception is diminished in poor weather, meaning drivers cannot react adequately to avoid dangerous situations. Vehicles can hydroplane or skid until they swing into oncoming traffic and collide head-on with approaching vehicles.

    How Houston Head on Collision Accident Lawyers Can Help

    The aftermath of head-on crashes can be devastating for victims and families. Huge medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering can destroy lives. However, victims may be entitled to compensation for damages. An experienced Houston head on collision accident lawyer can help victims recover their losses after these tragedies. They can navigate the claims process, deal with insurance providers, and take cases to court if fair settlements aren’t reached.

    In Conclusion

    Head on collisions are preventable when motorists obey traffic laws. But when reckless drivers cause these accidents in Houston, their victims deserve justice. Partnering with qualified Houston head on collision accident lawyers helps you go up against liable companies/individuals and forces accountability.

    Though money can’t undo trauma, it provides resources to move forward. For personalized assistance after head on crashes in Houston, contact compassionate Houston head on collision accident lawyers today.