William Gardell Bio, Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki Birthdays


    William Gardell, better known as Billy Gardell, is an American actor and comedian who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his humor and acting prowess. Born on August 20, 1969, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Gardell’s journey to stardom began in the world of stand-up comedy.

    He honed his comedic skills through live performances at various comedy clubs, earning him a dedicated following of fans. Gardell’s big break came when he landed the role of Officer Mike Biggs on the hit CBS television series “Mike & Molly.” His heartwarming portrayal of a police officer navigating life, love, and weight loss struggles endeared him to audiences worldwide.

    Beyond television, Gardell has showcased his acting talent in several films and television shows, further establishing himself as a versatile performer. His humor, which often draws from relatable life experiences and observations, resonates with audiences of all ages.

    Gardell’s charisma and down-to-earth personality have also made him a sought-after host and guest on various talk shows and comedy specials. He continues to tour as a stand-up comedian, bringing laughter to audiences around the country.

    With numerous accolades and a dedicated fan base, William “Billy” Gardell’s career continues to thrive, solidifying his status as one of the most beloved figures in the world of comedy and entertainment.


    • Real Name: William Gardell
    • Famous As: Billy Gardell’s son
    • Birthplace: United States
    • Nationality: American

    Body Stats:

    • Height: 4 feet 5 inch (134.1 cm)
    • Weight: 45 kg (99.2 lbs)
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Black


    • Father: Billy Gardell
    • Mother: Patty Gardell
    • Brother: Not Known
    • Sister: Not Known
    • Grandparents: Linda Gray, William Gardell
    • Uncle: Brian Gardell
    • Aunt: Lisa Gardell